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In France, it is possible to obtain a diploma based on your professional experience in a specific field. This is the principle of the "Validation of Learning from Experience" (VLE)= "Validation des Acquis par l'Expérience" (VAE in French). CEESO is the first school to adapt this principle to osteopathy. This website will guide you towards this process.

VAE is the French acronym for the Validation of Learning from Experience (Validation des Acquis de l’Expérience). The VLE process enables one to get all or a part of a certification (diploma, certificate with a professional end or professional qualification certificate) based on his/her professional experience, i.e. a certification of the skills he/she acquired through experience. Are considered as experience any activity which is salaried or non-salaried (shopkeeper, shopkeeper’s collaborator, self-employed activity, farmer, craftsman…) or voluntary (within a union or an association). This experience, related to the intended certification, is validated by a panel. All certifications registered on the National Repertory of Vocational Certifications (in French RNCP: Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) are available through VLE.